The Case of the Purple Pineapple

20 May

So, um, I made some pad thai tonight, along with some pineapple banana bread. The reason I’m somewhat flabbergasted at the moment is because, well, the pineapple in the bread turned… purple. I have absolutely zero idea how it happened, nor do I have photographic evidence of said purple pineapple, but I pulled it out of the oven and saw this random purple crap studded throughout the loaf (which, annoyingly, stuck to the pan despite a liberal coating of Pam). I poked it, and it was the crushed pineapple. Funnily enough, however, was the fact that I’m munching on a piece where the pineapple is now all a nice and uniform yellowish color, the way it should be. My brain is exploding. No, seriously, I have no idea what is going on.

So, with that being said, I’m not really sharing a step-by-step recipe tonight… I’m more just sharing a few recipes that I’ve made in the last few days. I might make individual posts about them at a later date, but for now, I’ll just describe the awesomeness.

For mother’s day, my sister and I took our mom to Bonefish Grill here in Omaha, and let me tell you- the food there is FANTASTIC. We had bang-bang shrimp as an appetizer (WHY DOES THIS BLOGGER REFUSE TO USE THE SHIFT KEY*!), and I had the most joy-gasmic Jamaican coconut pie I have ever had the pleasure to put in my mouth. Oh. My. Sweet heavens. “Good” does not even begin to describe this pie. It was custard-y and creamy and coconut-y and it had a caramel rum sauce on top along with whipped cream and- excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard. I’m back. Seriously though, this pie was absolutely divine. I could probably go on for another few pages about how awesome this pie was, but I won’t. Anyhoo, I looked online the next day (or the day after, I can’t remember) for a copycat recipe, not expecting that they would put the recipe ON THEIR FREAKING WEBSITE*! I know I already linked to the recipe, but… yeah. Moving on. I made the pie the next day, and it was every bit as delicious. I didn’t actually make whipped cream to put on top, but it didn’t need it. Om nom nom nom nom nom. So good.

*I do apologize… I don’s use caps lock often, but I truly cannot help myself here.

I also made pad thai tonight. I was going to use the recipe that I linked above, but I was missing tamarind paste and fish sauce, so I ended up using the recipe on the back of the noddle box, and it was still pretty dang tasty. Definitely a hit.

Did I already mention the coconut pie? Yes? Good. Either go eat it or make it because it is one hundred percent worth your time.

Aaaaaaand… other than the freaky purple pineapple (say that ten times fast), that’s what I’ve made in the last few days. Along with chicken picatta, herbed quinoa salad, and pseudo chicken paella, based on this recipe. Although, I really really want to make these. I might do that next week.

That’s about it for my ramblings for the night… See you all next week sometime!

Happy eating!


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